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Taber Gable Debuts an Eclectic Album in Hidden Driveways.

If you want to understand Taber Gable’s philosophy of music, look no further than the title of his debut album, Hidden Driveways. “Hidden Driveways– Is a sign down here in the south to warn or (make drivers aware) of areas that may not be as visible on the path that they’re on,” said Gable, a 29-year-old musician from Knoxville, Tennessee, who studied jazz at the University of Hartford’s Jackie McLean Institute of Jazz, before moving to perform and finish studies in New York City.

“In New York, I was typically known as a side man that would play, straight ahead jazz at many of the jazz venues around town,” said Gable.

But when writing his own compositions, Gable said he wanted to take a more experimental direction, something that expressed his personal connection to a variety of musical genres. "The Hidden Driveways of my musical path."

NEW RELEASE: Taber Gable to Release Debut Album Hidden Driveways – Out Oct 9th, 2020!

“As an artist I believe in making music not genres. This album is my perspective of the Eclecticism of Black American Music and how it has informed my craft over the years.”
– Taber Gable

Regarded as a highly sought-after pianist/keyboardist, the multifaceted Taber Gable is now proud to spotlight his own, sometimes hidden talents, as a composer, arranger and vocalist, with the release of Hidden Driveways. Due out October 9, 2020, this eleven-track collection of Gable-penned originals sees the Knoxville, TN-native, NYC-resident in the company of some of today’s leading jazz contemporaries: saxophonist Sarah Hanahan, guitarist Andrew Renfroe, bassists Kyle Miles and Drew Moore and drummer Jonathan Pinson.

The title, Hidden Driveways simultaneously tips its hat to the eclectic range of hidden places within the likes of rock & roll, punk rock, blues and country, alongside other genres, that can all trace their roots back to African-American descent. 

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